Little Derek and the Haemo Blues Band

The hit single You Don't Understand, from Little Derek and the Haemo Blues Band's latest CD, Blood Brothers.

Little Derek and the Haemo Blues Band Leukemia Live in November 2008.

Little Derek Leukemia Fund

Derek Caine has turned his passion for music into a fundraiser to help leukemia patients at the QEII Health Sciences Centre. All proceeds from the sale of his third CD, Blood Brothers, will support the leukemia patient fund at the QEII.

"Singing the Haemo Blues" Interview with Patient power. Derek Caine did not have a musical background when he was diagnosed with CLL/SLL in 2004, but he has since written what has become the blood cancer patient's anthem. Titled "The Haemo Blues," the song has spawned several albums whose proceeds have generated over $150,000 for a charitable fund benefiting CLL patients in his home province of Nova Scotia.